Creative Fundraising Ideas

Lacking funds for a project?  Well, try some of these ideas to raise some dough.Huler Likes Cake

1. Kickstarter ( ) is a funding platform for creative projects which allows people to rally around and support the ideas of friends, colleagues or even people you don’t know.  Every project is independently crafted, put to all-or-nothing funding, and supported by friends, fans, and the public in return for rewards.

2. Similarly, indiegogo ( ) allows you to customize and publish professional online campaigns.  Using powerful social media, sharing your project is easy.  Unique perks are offered for people interested in becoming contributors.

3. The #SciFund Challenge ( ) is an organization of scientists from around the world that want to connect their research to others, raising awareness and funding for their research.

4. Ulule ( ) is a new way to share great ideas and participate in making good things happen.  Projects are only funded if they reach their objective.

5. Simply explain what you are doing, ask for what you need, and collect your funds with Paypal using ChipIn ).

6. Having a Bake Sale is also a great way to raise money for your project.  Try some of these helpful tips to make your sale a success.

7. Hold a Cash Lottery or 50/50 Raffle where the winner gets half of the total pot up to $250.  Sell 100 tickets at $5 each, draw one name, and that person gets $250 and you keep $250.

8. Attending an event with lots of people?  Hold a Balloon Break event.  Rent a helium tank, buy some cool prizes or ask for donated prizes in exchange for advertising, and fill balloons, adding slips of paper inside (with “prize” or just “thank you” for participating written on them) .  Sell the balloons for a set price and have your guests break them once paid for to reveal if they’ve won.

9.  Hold a Car Wash.  Increase your cash earning potential by offering car detailing also.

10. Recycle!  This is a great way to earn cash for your cause and promote earth-friendly habits. Check out these links for Raleigh/Durham metal recycling opportunities:

11. Have a Gift Basket Raffle.  Themed baskets are displayed for guests who then deposit half of each purchased raffle ticket into a container near only the baskets they are interested in winning.  They can put as many tickets as they want towards any baskets they desire.  Remember to list all the contents inside the basket so the guests know exactly what they are trying to win.

12. Host a Gold Buying Party.  Everyone leaves happy!

13. Ask for Sponsors to help fund your project and in turn, offer them some type of recognition or advertising.