• March 13, 2019

Science Cafe: Celebrating Apollo and fulfilling the Legacy

Science Cafe: Celebrating Apollo and fulfilling the Legacy
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences | Raleigh | | Registrations have closed

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North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

July 20, 2019 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first humans walking on the Moon through the Apollo 11 mission. The Apollo program was monumental in showing that humans could explore beyond our own planet and learn about other planetary bodies in our Solar System. However, 2019 also marks 47 years since the last humans left the Moon in December 1972 and we have not left low Earth orbit since that time. Join us to learn about achievements of the Apollo program, and how human presence can be expanded to the Moon and beyond, fulfilling the legacy of Apollo.

About our speaker
Dr. Clive Neal is a Professor of Lunar Geology at the University of Notre Dame. He has served on numerous mission and research review panels, including as the Chair of the Lunar Sample Allocation subcommittee, a member of the Senior Review panel for NASA’s Planetary Science Division, and chair of NASA’s Lunar Exploration Analysis Group. Neal is passionate about NASA and returning humans to the Moon and beyond in a sustainable, economically beneficial way.

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  • From:Apr 25, 2019,07:00 PM
  • To:Apr 25, 2019,08:00 PM
  • Location: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

    121 West Jones Street, 27603, Raleigh.

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