Grant Writing Opportunity @ Impulsonic

I am writing to advertise grant writing opportunity at a UNC startup, Impulsonic. We are looking for a grant writer to help us write a grant proposal to National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR Phase I and potentially another proposal for Rapid Innovation Fund to Army/Navy. Strong technical writing skills are needed and any prior experience in writing grants to NSF or other federal agencies is a big plus. Please feel free to contact me ( if there are any further questions. Thanks!
About Impulsonic: Impulsonic develops high performance and accurate acoustics simulation algorithms for architects, acoustics consultants, and audio engineers by leveraging high-performance computer graphics techniques and the latest research in acoustics simulation. The company has developed an acoustics software development kit (SDK). The SDK provides access to efficient and accurate acoustics simulation capabilities. As next step, desktop tools (in Windows) for acoustics simulation will be developed on top of the SDK. Impulsonic also develops intuitive audio content creation tools for sound designers to create physics-based sound effects using intuitive tools for movies, video games, and live theater performances.


Anish Chandak
Impulsonic, Inc.