Grants Information Manager Opening at Stowers Institute

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research has an opening for a Grants
Information Manager who will be responsible for all pre-award aspects of
grant applications to the NIH and other national research funding agencies.
Responsibilities include working closely with Principal Investigators to
develop submissions for new and continuing grant applications; providing
recommendations and expert advice to faculty, management, or other groups
on new funding opportunities; maintaining the Grants team website;
independently managing all aspects of pre-award grant application process;
interpreting and communicating Institute and awarding agency policies and
procedures to grant applicants; ensuring compliance with all regulatory
and submission requirements; completing relevant application materials
including support letters and materials for faculty grants; developing
budget information for proposals; recommending changes to enhance
proposals; and ensuring accurate and timely submissions.
The successful candidate will have a strong background in the life
sciences, familiarity with federal and private funding opportunities, the
federal grant cycle, as well as experience with the submission process to
public and private funding agencies. Flexibility, adaptability, keen
attention to detail, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills,
while delivering quality work by tight deadlines, are key attributes of a
Grants Information Manager.
Minimum requirements include a Ph.D. in the life sciences, familiarity
with the research funding process in the life sciences, 3-5 years of
experience with the grant proposal preparation and submission process, and
strong analytical writing skills.
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