Journalism Conference to Explore ‘Climate City’

SCONC has secured an Idea Grant from the National Association of Science Writers to host MEASURE LOCALLY, RESPOND GLOBALLY,  a two-day conference for journalists in Asheville, August 15 and 16, 2016. Print

We’ll see a NOAA data repository in downtown Asheville that is one of the world’s largest collections of weather and climate data, including hand-written weather records from the 1840s, and downloads from satellites on orbit this very minute. We’ll show reporters how to tap into the ultimate in “Big Data.”

We’ll also tour a hydrology lab that has been collecting measurements of streams and forests continuously for 80 years and a seed bank that is preserving native species against the coming challenges of human settlement and climate change.

A two-block stroll from the NOAA facility, we’ll visit with local entrepreneurs who have established The Collider, an entrepreneurial incubator that is betting on climate intelligence — mining and analyzing this priceless collection of data — to build “a trillion-dollar climate resilience industry.”

The discussion in Asheville isn’t about whether the climate is changing, but rather what societies and governments can do about it. Please consider joining the conference to learn more about “Climate City” and the next chapter in the climate story. Please visit the conference site or send us a question.

Jared Kay