The Camel Cricket Census

Red dots represent positive reports of camel crickets found in homes (N = 420). Blue dots indicate households where citizen scientists reported that camel crickets have not been observed (N = 1,299).
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05camel cricket
You all probably recognize these giant leggy, jumpy beasts that inhabit the dark and damp corners of our homes — they live in our midst and yet (surprisingly) have not been well studied. In our work with citizen scientists to date, we’ve come to realize that it’s an Asian species most common in our homes (see:

How widespread is the Asian species? Did it displace native species? What determines species distribution across the continent?To answer these questions and more, we’ve just launched a new website — — One easy stop where citizen scientists can upload photos (ie, contribute data), read the latest news on the project and actively participate in the writing our first scientific paper.


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