The Wild Life of Our Bodies

Rob Dunn’s new book The Wild Life of Our Bodies is now out.  He was recently interviewed on Radio in Vivo by Ernie Hood.  DOWNLOAD

From the publisher:

The Wild Life of Our Bodies tells the stories of our changing relationships with other species (be they worms, bacteria or tigers).

In doing so, it considers questions such as what our appendix does, why we suffer anxiety, why human babies tend to be born at night and whether tapeworms are good for us, all from an ecological perspective.

E. O. Wilson described the book as “an extraordinary book…. that with clarity and charm takes the reader into the overlap of medicine, ecology, and evolutionary biology to reveal an important domain of the human condition.”

A brief description of the book’s contents as well as an excerpt can be found in The Scientist. Or see more writing and an RSS feed at… You can also submit a sample to learn more about the wild life of your body at