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And the night after, citizen scientist Caren Cooper will be at Greensboro Science Cafe to talk about her book, now out in paperback.

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What is SCONC?

Connecting science communicators across North Carolina.

SCONC is a professional organization founded in April 2007 in the Research Triangle of North Carolina to provide fellowship and networking among folks who bring science to the public.

We include science writers, journalists, public information officers, teachers and institutional communicators working in universities, government labs, industry, museums and schools — just about anyone interested in communicating science.

Mission Statement SCONC

SCONC is a North Carolina Based volunteer organization that connects educators, practitioners, students, and consumers of science communication.

We develop, support, and promote high-quality science communication through digital media and social and professional gatherings. We place a high premium on creating lively social engagements that draw on the passion of our members. We rely on the time, skill, and expert opinions of our members to guide decisions about our programs.

Through these principles we aim to:

  1. Strengthen the discipline and occupation of science communication.
  2. Create a more science-savvy public
  3. Establish a healthier, safer, more environmentally sustainable, and economically successful society


SCONC will be recognized as a national leader in the development and distribution of science communication tools, techniques, and talent.

Why Join Us? SCONC

Join us for networking, professional development, and to become a part of a community that is passionate about science communication! All it takes to become an official SCONC member is to sign up for our community listserv at this link.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.